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21 This I recall to my mind, therefore have, I hope. 22 It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because 
                                      his  compassions fail not. 23 They are new every morning: Great is Thy Faithfulness
Lamentations 3:21-26 King James Version (KJV)


                   October 2019

Dear Friends in Christ:                                                                                                         

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! Every day, we have been given this amazing opportunity to both live and serve the living God because of our relationship with Jesus! Every day is a victory day since the greater one is living his life through us! What an honor indeed! As I continue this journey, I am constantly seeing areas in my life that are being worked on, changed and or taken away. He’s good Father and I am a good son! I sense and receive his love for every day. There is a constant drawing of my heart and life into His presence. Absolute an amazing God we serve and life for! Every Day!

I am still living in the fast lane! Here is what my week can look like: Two nights a week at the Mercy House – which is a drug rehab house for guys – 12 hour shift; about 25 hours a week at Fuego as Care Coordinator, reaching out to both customers and employees as well; then two nights a week at the Antioch Discipleship School; and somewhere in there, I manage to eat, sleep, do laundry and whatever else may come along. Not to mention church services and staff meeting and a men’s group every Tuesday morning at 5am. I’ve met some amazing people from around the world, to say the least.

 Here are some Testimonies of Divine Encounters that the Lord sent my way – Divine Appointments – DA’s:

Sheilia Compton & 3 other Ladies – Arlington: The place was buzzing and there were people everywhere! We could not clean the tables fast enough. Nonetheless, I still had a number of encounters – Divine Appointments! These ladies were in the corner booth near the fixing bar. With all the other tables needing to be clean, I did manage to zip by theirs to pick up their empty baskets. At this point, it seems that they were about to leave – I also notice some cash in one of the ladies’ hand – about $4. As I was in route to the kitchen, I was thinking that I should return soon to get that ‘tip’. Once I returned, the money was no long in sight. But instead, one of the other ladies just handed me a $20 bill – wanted to bless me and thank me for my service. And then they asked if we could join hands and pray for me! I said, absolutely! God led them to Fuego – they were to pray for someone there! They were in route to Austin for a lady’s conference.  They all prayed and prophesied over me and the declared the word of the Lord over me! Declaring a day of great joy and encouragement coming my way from others – Today!! And so, it was! Later that day, five guys came in throughout the afternoon, independent of each other, not knowing what took place earlier. God is faithful and He is good to me! What an awesome God we serve!

Austin White – Baylor: Called to be a pastor! He came by to see me for a bit. He really has a heart for people – not just a desk job in ministry as the case is with some. I was encouraged by his coming! He was in between classes. Because of him, I’ve met some of his amazing friends. I give thanks to for his life and testimony.

 EJ Hibber – Columbus, TX: This man arrived very excited about Jesus! I immediately greeted him and encouraged him all the more. EJ is Alfo-American, age 28. He was here to recruit students for their summer camps around the state of Texas. Particular for Columbus. But once his meeting we over them, then he and I would meet up. And we did! From the very out-set, it seems that were here to encourage each other – there was a sense of great joy in the atmosphere! For more than an hour, we just encouraged each other, prayed, admonished and challenged each other on the journey! Most of EJ’s mentors and accountability guys are white guys. So, he was both encouraged and challenged by meeting me and with other motive than to encourage his heart in the journey. In his words, ‘it’s not often to have such an encounter of this nature! Especially being black.’  EJ has been working with this summer camp organization for several years now, and has recently been promoted to a new position. He will both live and be based in Columbus as of 09/30/2019. This was so refreshing to say the least.  

Wyatt Mayer – Baylor Senior: This was a party of three – parents and their son. As I continued to service their table, the words ‘Dreams – remember your Dream’ kept coming to me. I wasn’t sure just how to dive in on this one. So, I went back to their table and ask if I may share some thoughts? Wyatt’s parents were seasoned, both in age and as believers. I then said to Wyatt, your dream is yet to be fulfill – don’t stop short of seeing it come to pass. Even when you were just a wee lad, you said, I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up.  His mom immediately said, yeah since he was a child, he dreamed of being a doctor – he is looking to stay in Texas for medical schooling. (They are from Chicago). They are very proud of their son and are thankful for all of his accomplishments. I then declared the goodness of God over his life and I thanked his parents for their sacrifice and commitment to Wyatt. 

Jack Balestreri & Friends: All Baylor Freshman – Clair, Brooke, Tyler, Jack, Geoff and Andrew. This was late Sunday night – a very lively group. As they were making their way to the register, Jackson introduces himself to me. At that time, I was visiting with two guys that wanted to meet with me before they return back to Columbus, Tx. To say the least, this got our attention. So, my two recently adopted spiritual sons (just a few days prior) felt like God has highlighted them and there is something that we probably need to do! We then invited ourselves to their booth! After the introductions, I asked about their majors, how can we pray for you and what are some of your challenges? They responded: study habits, reading skills, staying focused, learning the ‘when and how’ to say the word ‘NO’. They were all very thankful that someone cared and reached out to them. EJ and I then prayed for them and encouraged them in the ways of God. And we expressed the honor of them allowing us to be a part of their evening! Later that night yet, I received a text from Jack: “Thank you so much, we really appreciated your company (Fuego) and the prayers we shared tonight”!  

Jason Sanchez & his fellow Airman / US Air Force: Estvanko, Gelles, Durham, Richardson, Huges and Sanchez

I had been praying that more US Military personnel would come to Fuego – for I’d like a few more pictures for my military wall. At lunch time, these 6 guys came in – excited and joyful. To say the least, it was truly an honor to be in their presence. I thanked them for their service and sacrifice for our country. I then shared with them pictures of a display that’s in my dining room for military personnel. This was an amazing time indeed. And yes, we took pictures and Jason and I exchanged contact info. I later forward him that group picture. He later requested my mailing address, for he’d like to send me one their patches to add to the wall. I am excited about keeping in touch with these guys.

Blake Murphy (age 24) – Ft Worth: It had been a rough night/morning for me! A bit discouraged to say the least. Yet knowing full well that this is not the end. About noon as I was standing that entry way, looking out the window across the parking lot, there comes a young man from across the street. As he got closer, there was sense of connection with him. I then opened the door for him. He placed a large order to-go. While he was waiting, we got acquainted. It took just a few seconds to confirm this new connection. I then expressed my discouragement and some ways that he can be praying for me. We both felt quite honored, blessed and encouraged!! Blake graduated from Baylor two years ago and was a Chaplin for FCA. He lives in Ft. Worth and works for Lockheed Martin. We both acknowledged the fact that he was sent to Fuego (truly a God send!!) so that we might encourage each other. It was hard to let him leave. He made my day!! The Lord willing, we will touch base again soon!

 This is just a portion of the work that can be done as we work the harvest fields of the souls of men. About once a month, I prepare a meal for 8-10 guys – home cooked!! This too has been a great time of sharing and fellowship! And then there is FaceTime / Skype time with guys from New Zealand, Wisconsin, Camp Lejeune and Mexico.

Thank you for your faithful support. I appreciate your love and prayers on my behalf. Thanks for enabling me to be a blessing to so many people. You really have a part in all of these amazing opportunities that I encounter every day. May your heart take courage today! May his grace, favor and provisions be ever present in your life and family. And give you peace. Well Glory to God forever!

 Partnership – Laboring Together      

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