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36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37 He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. 38 So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”    

Matthew 9:36-38 New Living Translation (NLT)

July 2019

Dear Friends in Christ:                                                                                                         

Its been about two months since I moved to Waco, Texas. During my last week in Sugarcreek, many people helped with the final details. All of which was very much appreciated and needed. Nathan and Adam flew up from Dallas to help with the drive back to Texas. Kaleb also helped with the drive. We had a 26-foot Penske and my amazing 2001 Toyota Tacoma, which currently has 320,100 miles. We pretty much drove straight through, with a brief stop in Nashville: to meet up with one of my many fine sons – Ben Beachy, who is active duty, serving our country in the Army. We had a 10-minutes window of time. It was totally amazing to have seen him again. Well, 23 hours later we arrived in Waco, at Fuego Tortilla Grill for breakfast. After which, the four of us unloaded some things in the storage unit. Then about two hours later, five more guys came to help us. It was great to have all the help to say the least. I’d like to say thank you to everyone that had a part in this move.

 So, we arrived June 1st and I started at Fuego on the 6th. As Care Coordinator: my job is to be available to meet with the employees and to serve them as the need arises. In addition to reaching out and serving the customers. Therefore, I have many opportunities to meet and greet a lot of people. Currently, I am meeting with a number of employees on regular bases and of course getting lots of DAs every day, having customer encounters. I am part of Antioch Community Church – taking ownership in all that God has set before me. I am also serving in the Mercy House as a night monitor two nights a week. Which is a discipleship rehabilitation house for men that are dealing with all sorts of addictions. The also has a house for the women called Grace House.

 I give thanks to God for his amazing grace upon my life and for the people that he has brought my way. I am so blessed and honored to be in such a place as this. Although, I feel like that I am still adjusting to Waco in many ways and its as if that I’ve been here for years. God is faithful and He is excited about you and me. And we have yet to see the many things that he has for us.

 Here are some Testimonies of Divine Encounters that the Lord sent my way – Divine Appointments – DA’s:

Monday, 17th – afternoon: A young man came in, he looked pretty worn out. I greeted him. I then wondered if I should chat with him or not. His order came. I continued the ‘short questions’ conversation. I then asked if I could join him at his table? He (Gage Edblom) was in-route from Dallas D/FW, from a short trip in Cincinnati, OH. Heading to Austin. He’s a student at UT at Austin. His family had just moved to Austin from Ohio, and his dad (Scott) just got fired a few weeks prior, not to mention Scott’s mother had just passed away, and they are still adjusting to the big move! I then asked if I could pray for them. Still being sensitive to him (Gage Edblom) and the Holy Spirit, I prayed for them all, especially his dad.   An amazing time indeed. Gage was crying and expressing his gratitude for having made the stop. We then exchanged contact info!!

  ***My New Home!! I wanted to increase and update my life insurance stuff. After making a couple of calls, I had an appointment for the next day at noon here at my home. After the appointment was made, I felt led to pray from him, both the day before and the day of. I texted him to make sure that we are still meeting! According to his GPS, he was due to arrive at 12:24. Nonetheless, I am in an attitude of prayer for Alex Barrientos! There was a knock at my door: as I opened it, there stood a young man, about early 30’s, he looked like that he has been beaten with a rod of iron! As we were still in the doorway, I reached out and hugged him! And declared the word of the Lord over him! All the while, he just cried!! I just stood there and let him cry! To say the least, he was quite blown away. And yes, it was very well received. During our visit, he (Alex) shared the reasons for his current state of affairs. After he left, he sent me a texted message; “This is a life-long relationship…Here to help!! God is faithful! 

JULY 03, 2019 – Wednesday: There was a steady flow of customers throughout the lunch hours. However, toward the end of the lunch flow, I noticed a young man seated further back: as I was removing his empty dishes, I felt to say a few words to encourage his heart. (Ryan Young). I returned back to my booth to continue my work. But I could not get any rest/peace – I felt that I needed to say some more things to him – the Lord was not done with me nor Ryan. So, I did go back and shared a few more words. More direct, more intentional. He received the words. He is in the audio recording business and his equipment had just been stolen earlier. I then offered to pray for him and declare the word of the Lord over him. He was teary eyed and touched by God. He came to Fuego to find peace in the midst of this situation. A time of reflection and to press more into God. This was certainly a Divine Appointment. Starting next Tuesday, we will be meeting once a week for discipleship/mentor ship.

Office AJ Smith – Police Dept here in Waco: I opened the door for him and welcome him to Fuego and thank him for serving our city! He was much appreciative! He has been serving our city for about two years now. He looks like he is in his late 20s early 30s. He came to have lunch with his wife and his mom and dad. As he was leaving, he commented that he had never had such a greeting nor reception! About 20 minutes later, as the rest of his family was leaving, I had to opportunity to chat with his dad: who served our country for several years in our military, (I thanked him and his family for serving, both our city and our country). He too was so appreciative for the encouragement and for our continued support in prayer!

I felt an urgency to go back to Fuego – arrived a few minutes before 5 pm. There was one guy seated in the far back. We started talking. An amazing time indeed. I helped him to write his mission statement for his new auto repair business. Before he left to return to Hillsboro, I prayed with him (Cheshier Montgomery)  to accept Jesus into his heart and life. He’s 26 years old. We will continue with discipleship via Skype, starting later tonight yet!! He also felt an urgency to get to Fuego to process some stuff that he was going through. God is faithful!!

Austin Jacobson – Missouri: During our lunch hour, I met Austin, who is an auditor, working with a couple of businesses here in town. Very approachable and it was delightful to engage in conversation with him.  We exchanged contact info, which he did not hesitate for not even one second. Amazing! After he left, I received this text message: “Thanks Leonard! Great to meet you. Keep up the enthusiasm in everything you do, it’s infectious”.

Jonathan Valerio – South Dallas: He has been here many times. I felt like he wanted to talk to someone. He’s 30 years old and is going through some major life changes – career changes and challenges. I had the opportunity to encourage him by the Word of God and to speak life to him. “Hope, courage, faith, reminding him of the goodness of our God. Every door is open, he can’t fail and that he has what it takes!” Before he left with his take-out order, I prayed for him and for this new journey / adventure that he is on. Amazing!  I later received this text from Jonathan: “These tacos are great; the divine appointment was better. Via con Dios”

Eric Cantu – Principal at Connally Elementary School: Earlier during their, (a lady was with him) visit with us here at Fuego, the Lord kept highlighting them to me. I don’t recall ever seeing them before. I had no idea who they were. It all started with him requesting iced tea; sweet and half & half. I would then check with them for refills. There were file folders on the table – needless to say, I had no idea what those represented. For about a half hour or so, I was very mindful of them: I kept getting the two words: (the Bar & Standards): I then said, I feel like that you folks are in a position to lower the bar or raise it – because you can – I’d like to suggest that you would not lower the bar nor the standards because you can. Consider your outcome. These were some of the things that I had shared with them. As I was speaking, the lady’s face began to turn red. Eric just stared at me, at that point, and he introduced himself to me. I then continue my work in front part of the dining area. About 20 minutes later, Eric and the lady with was with came to say goodbye and he gave me his contact information. He said to me, “your words were spot on. We needed to hear that today. For I am the Principal at Connally Elementary and she is one of the teachers there. Thank you so much.” On a piece of paper that he had written his contact info, it also stated; “Help me to share your message”!  God is Faithful.

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