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                                                            “FUEGO AT THE GRILL”
57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58 Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord,
forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.
1 Corinthians 15:57-58 King James Version (KJV)
Nov-Dec 2019
Dear Friends in Christ:
Well, Glory to God forever! I give thanks to God for His amazing grace and His steadfast love for us. It’s exciting living for Jesus and to be a part of what He is doing. There is no place like being right in the center of what God is doing!
Seven months ago, I moved to Waco, Texas, and it has been non-stop up to this moment. Over-all, it’s been an incredible transition. However, there are some things that are bit more costly here than in Ohio. Many adjustments are still being made to say the least. One such adjustment is having a roommate or not! At this stage in the journey, I’d rather not. For the challenge has been to have someone that’s on the same page as you are – not to mention the spiritual impact. Consequently, I am in need of your financial support to be able live independent of a roommate. I would certainly appreciate your prayers on my behalf. 
Currently, I am very involved with discipleship – at least one or two new people come my way weekly. People are just wanting someone to listen, to care and to invest some time!
Round Rock, TX: 5 Generations of Discipleship / Mentor Ship: We did a video recording of this 5-Generation, which still has an impact to this very day! Joe’s work & ministry is known in several school districts and in both William & Travis County.  **22 years ago, I moved to San Marcos, Texas and became a part of campus ministry at SWT (Texas State University). I would preach in the Quad 6 times a day, 4 days a week. I also held a weekly Bible study in one of the dorms (Joe attended that Bible study with his girlfriend – they get saved!)
Leonard Disciple Joe →Joe Disciple Zach →Zach Disciple Aaron →Aaron Disciple Carlos
Here are some Testimonies of Divine Encounters that the Lord sent my way – Divine Appointments – DA’s:
Jeremy Meadows – Baylor: (Up Date) He had just placed an order to-go. He always gets an order to go! He is a frequent customer. So, while he was finishing up his order, I sat on the bench waiting for him to join me. I then asked a few questions: about school, classes, his week? Then, right to the point of it all: so, how’s your love life…………. with Jesus? He said, “not very good – it’s been better”. When did you accept Jesus into your heart? “When I was 2 years old.” Ok. What has the past 2 to 3 years been like? “When I was a senior in high school and during my freshman year in college – it was great! Things were really good!” What happened after that? He started to cry – I then place my arm on his shoulders. “I went into a deep depression – feeling worthless – suicidal.” I then embraced him all the more and prayed for him!! I then asked if I could text him later this evening yet. I also have committed to touching base with him often. He is interested in meeting up. So, after the Thanksgiving break, we are planning to meet up!
Jeremy Newman – Dallas: Upon his arrival, he was immediately highlighted; once his order came, I then joined myself to his table. He was in route from Austin, heading back to Dallas. Jeremy is a lawmaker for the students that are home school in the State of Texas, based out of Austin. He would appreciate your support and welcomes your prayers! He always to forward to his stop at Fuego!!
Dylan Marshall (my boss) – Waco Fuego #2: For a couple of months or so, Dylan and I have been doing a Bible study at 10 on Thursday mornings as time permits. We have been going through the book of Psalms. Like any study, things come up and are said that are not in your notes. You just learn to ride out the wave as it comes in. This past week as we were sharing, we were talking about prayer and the importance therein! I then used the example when a guy is pursuing a young lady. The ‘guy’ has his list of specs: he’s fasting, he’s praying very consistently – his heart and mind is set!! It’s been quite the journey! The wedding has taken place, everyone is back to work! Months and even years later, there is no prayer, no fasting and there’s not an ‘attitude of gratitude’! Where are the thanks? The expressions of love? The surprise? The flowers? Where did they go? Here’s my thinking: whatever it took to get you where you are at, this is what it will take to keep you going! Well, the next day, Dylan was quite challenged by that statement, even though, I was not speaking directly to him. At first, he was offended and yet became mindful of his actions towards his wife. Nonetheless, he took it to heart and started to date his wife again. Yes, with flowers. Which he had not done in about 2 years. Of course, his wife is wondering what’s going on here? He told here about the Bible study. She replied, ‘I think I like this Leonard guy’! We serve an awesome God!!
Nick Loftin – Corpus Christi – 2nd Yr. Baylor: When he came in, I thought that I had met him before, but we had not. It was pretty clear that the Lord had highlighted him. Once he placed his order to-go, we then sat and talked for about 15 minutes. Within seconds, he begins to share his heart: his father is an alcoholic since he was a child, very abusive – not a good environment. I could feel the pain and hear the cry of his heart. I then declared the word of the Lord over his life and prayed for him and his family, (as he was in tears.) It was as if he was wanting someone to talk to. Nick is a member of the Baylor Baseball Team. I look forward to seeing him again soon.
Justin Henderson – Truett Seminary – Baylor: (Up Date) This was a very slow lunch hour. I had scheduled a meeting at Fuego, but the brother never showed up. Then Justin came a bit later hoping to talk with me. It was perfect timing. As he shared his heart, I was able to help him put together his personal mission statement. Which he had never done. To say the least, we had an incredible time talking about the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. We then prayed for each other and encouraged each other in the ways of the Lord Jesus. God is faithful! I am excited about walking with Justin – on the journey of life.
Nick & Krystal Manier – Antioch / Kosse, TX: Our Life Group were all invited to camp out at the Manier’s home in Kosse. I left on Friday about mid-afternoon. I really enjoy camping out with my pull behind camper. Saturday night around the fire, we had a great time of sharing and fellowship. And of course, lots of food. I stayed over until early Sunday afternoon. I had a great time of fellowship with Nick and Krystal – with their two little children. Which are adorable, but they have a way of letting you know that they are very present!! About late Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to share with both Nick & Krystal: declaring the word of the Lord over them and their family, and reminding them of the goodness of the Lord. I spent some time encouraging them by the word of the Lord, and giving them a few challenges to consider all the while. I then prayed for them and their family, and for all that God has in store for them. This was truly an amazing weekend for all of us, and an ideal place for a retreat of any sort! A men’s retreat for sure!! And YES, I am welcomed back any time.
Max Mawhirter – Waco & Craig Morgan – Dallas: These were two well-dressed men: I greeted as they entered the door-way – welcomed them and asked had they been here before? They had not. I then checked back to see what they had ordered. Upon that visit back to their table, they commented how much they liked their tacos – having taken my recommendation. I then asked if I may share something with them? I received two words for them: Adventure & Creativity! I went on to say – what worked before, will not work for you today! God is inviting you to be creative and to step into the great adventure. It’s new day! God is upon you guys! They then said to me, that they were in a conference in Austin and the theme was on ‘creativity and adventure’! To say the least, they were blown away by the word of the Lord to them once again. Before they left Fuego, they wanted to bless and pray for me, and thank the Lord for how He used me in their lives that day.
John Owen – Nola, LA: I had saved an extra seat, anticipating a brother to show up looking for one. Sure enough, God sent John. After we introduce ourselves. John was just here for the weekend. He is from Nashville, but has recently got employed by a company in the New Orleans area. I then asked how could I be praying for him this week? He said, ‘I’ve received a lot of break-through this weekend – I’d like to maintain my freedom!’ I then encouraged him by the word of the Lord. The Lord willing, I hope to continue walking with John in the journey that is before us.
This is just a portion of the work that can be done as we work the harvest fields of the souls of men. About once a month, I prepare a meal for 8-10 guys – home cooked!! This too has been a great time of sharing and fellowship!
And then there is FaceTime / Skype time with guys from New Zealand, Wisconsin, Camp Lejeune, Cuba, Montana, Australia and Mexico.
Thank you for your faithful support. I appreciate your love and prayers on my behalf. May his grace, favor and provisions be ever present in your life and family. And give you peace. Well Glory to God forever! Partnership – Laboring Together You may use PayPal; by using this email address: or and of course, you may send a check payable to Mainline Ministries, Inc. to the enclosed address. Mainline Ministries is a Charitable, Tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) Organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.
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